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Buy POE 3.21 Currency for Shadow Class in Crucible

As a free RPG, Path Of Exile still has many fans until now, which undoubtedly proves that POE is successful. And the new mechanism brought by POE 3.21 has attracted many players to experience it.

As the main event of POE 3.21, Crucible’s weapon skill tree brings players a lot of original experiences. Many interesting and practical weapon skill point assignments are worthy of players’ reference. For details, you can visit for details. And then I will elaborate on the choice of weapons for the Shadow profession.

The mechanics of each character in the game are different, so the weapons they choose are also different. Buying Exalted Orb choosing the right build and picking the right weapon for that will give us a really powerful boost. As one of the well-known classes of Shadow, the most suitable weapons are daggers and claws. Therefore, this time, we will also elaborate on daggers and claws.


This weapon is very suitable for the early stage of the game, it can +20 boost to intelligence, the requirement for the player is to reach level 15, have 30 intelligence and 30 agility.

Imperial Claw

As a growth weapon, its status among POE players is very high. The +43 health per hit will more than make up for Shadow’s vulnerability.

Hand Of Thought And Motion

This weapon is very practical for players who are keen on intelligence improvement and high attack speed. According to the amount of intelligence value, lightning damage is increased, and each attack +12 life, attack speed is increased, and it will bring players who experience extreme damage Said very practical.


This weapon is very good for some Shadow characters who like to use spells. It will provide mana while increasing spell damage and increasing energy shield. For those who are keen on magic attacks, this weapon is very practical.

There are also many interesting and practical POE Items that are also good choices for players. Choosing the right weapon will help you a lot. Moreover, buying POE Currency will also help you upgrade your character level faster for a better gaming experience.

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