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Buy a fake transcript because you lost the original one
If you have lost your original transcript and you are very worried about going through the daunting process of having your school help you which may take months before the relevant offices help you, then can help you faster. Normally, it takes a lot of time to request your transcripts from your previous institution. Many of our clients who got jobs abroad and needed their transcripts immediately for visa application purposes and to prove to their employers that they indeed possessed the qualifications that they would have mentioned and provided in their applications approached Us because their schools would be taking at least three months to half a year to help them get copies of their transcript. gave them an alternative whereby they can order transcripts online that is authentic looking and since you would have attended the institution already and graduated from the it is not too much work for us to help them get it within two weeks no matter where there are located. If the employer feels compelled to verify the qualification, Then it will check out without us having to do too much heavy lifting. If you are in this situation then you can count on to provide you with an authentic look fake transcript that you can use in real life for employment and visa purposes without hustle.
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